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A stone gem awaits you in the center of beautiful Mouzaki.


Outdoor activities in Mouzaki

MONOPATI HOUSE welcomes you to Mouzaki and invites you to organize your visit, taking advantage of the multitude of options offered by its geographical location.

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From Athens: 329 km (3h) From Thessaloniki: 233 km (2h & 42′) From Ioannina: 145 km (2h & 22′) From Patras: 351 km (4h & 45′)

Our guests have the opportunity to enjoy at breakfast handmade pies, honey of different varieties of the region, jams & spoon sweets, prepared by the local Women’s Cooperative, “The Alope”.

Meats, pies and spoon sweets with homemade yogurt are just some of the dishes that star in the lives of the residents, and can be tasted by the guests of MONOPATI HOUSE.

The traditional dishes of traditional gastronomy are:

Green pie, one of the most delicious pies with a variety of greens from every housewife’s garden with plenty of herbs and feta cheese.

“Bajina”, the lazy pie of Karditsa that is not made with foil but with pumpkin, flour, feta cheese, egg and oil.

“Plastos” one of the most famous pies of Thessaly made with corn flour and served with sour milk. Sausages with leeks.

Wine rooster with noodles, food made for the Sunday table but also on special occasions.

Lamb with oatmeal, one of the most famous recipes of Karditsa.

Lamb with stew or porridge, the food served at festivals and weddings. The women prepare it, mainly in the cauldrons, which makes it even tastier.

Trahanas, which they usually prefer “white”, adding a little butter and milk.

Galatopita, the Karditsa’s version of galaktobourekos.

Quince jam or spoon sweet from the rich villages of the quince plain. And last and most famous, the tsipouro without anise.


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